Wedding Package




Wedding & Reception Package

  • 6 Tiny Top Hats (Choose any styles from our shop)
  • One Mad Hatter Card Holder (click here to see details)
  • 4 Pocket Watches (Choose from 30 different styles))
  • Free Shipping
  • $535 Value

Bring your love of Wonderland to life on your special day with this wedding package.  The package contains the accessories you need to live there, if just for the day 🙂


Is steampunk who you really are? Then be you on your special day with perfectly steampunk hats and pocket watches!

Can’t decide between the two?  Then don’t!  Mix and match.  They go together splendidly…we have Steampunk Mad Hatter hats to prove it 🙂

Or maybe you have your own unique vision…lets talk. We want to bring your vision to life!