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This Artist Tiny Top Hat is a unique and beautiful way to show your love for art in the form of an interesting little hat!
It has a black elastic headband and a removable clip (for extra stability) attached to the bottom enabling you to wear it on your head.

Here at Tiny Top Hats, we're all about bringing art to life, and so that's what we wanted to symbolize by this hat. This is for all the artists who bring their art to life every day :)

**Please note, the paintings on the front will vary slightly as we paint every hat by hand, and the paint brushes will have different colored handles. This just means your hat will be one of a kind :) ALSO we use a slightly different black fabric now than the one pictured. It's still beautiful though, just a slightly different pattern :)**

This hat and all of our hats are made completely from scratch by me and my crew, and we take a lot of pride in what we do! We use a lot of upcycled materials, and try to make our hats as unique as the people that wear them :)

Price  $ 40.00
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